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April 2014

By flickr user babeh_babs
April 22, 2014

Lesbian? Lesbian!

A woman I work with, let’s call her Sally, has a son who got a divorce. One day the ex-wife came into the store and Sally asked her how she’s doing.

“I’m okay,” the girl started. Then, a little embarrassed, she continued, “I’m living with my girlfriend now.”

Sally was floored. She could barely get the story out to tell people. I don’t know Sally that well, so I just listened to her have a little freakout in front of me, not knowing why it was really happening–why she felt like that. Then she explained: “We always thought something was wrong with her, now we know what it was! She always was stupid.”

I’m surrounded by people like this in a conservative little town but it still always surprises me. It seems like these should only be exaggerated characters in movies, not real people.

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